Van Bennekom starts to discover photography mostly traveling around the world with his analog cameras during holidays. Using his analog camera felt like freedom to him. Van Bennekom managed to extract the essence of a moment so precisely that it seems that he is pointing his camera at something that can't be named, but can only be felt.


In 2017 Van Bennekom made the serie called 'Lost Away';

The series “Lost Away” is a collection of analog photographs taken between 2015 and 2017 in Australia, Hawaii and South Africa. In this series Van Bennekom studies the correlation between escapism and the natural environment. Focusing on beauty Van Bennekom’s work often has a nostalgic aesthetic, supported by his use of soft colour film and choice of vintage cameras. Van Bennekom, originally schooled as an architect, has a cinematic approach to his analog stills. Subjects such as sun-drenched beaches, empty roads and classic automobiles all embody the atmosphere of the jet-setter lifestyle that Van Bennekom enticingly presents.

(by Cloud Gallery, Amsterdam, 2017)


2018 Exhibition Project Gambia by MOAM @ Cloud Gallery, Prinsengracht 276, Amsterdam

2018 Solo exhibition Frank van Bennekom x Suit Boutique, Amsterdam

2017 Solo exhibition Lost Away @ Cloud Gallery, Prinsengracht 276, Amsterdam

2017 Exhibition Official zine 'A Photographer's Journal' @ Cloud Gallery, Prinsengracht 276, Amsterdam


New Dutch Photography Talent of 2018 by GUP Magazine